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Make Your Mother's Day Even Sweeter

Posted by Staff The Candy City on 4/18/2017 to Holidays
Make Your Mother's Day Even Sweeter

May 14th isn’t that far off so if you still haven’t planned anything special for your mother there is still some time to do so.

Mothers are easily one of the groups in this world who never get enough credit for all that they do. The reason for this is that even if all the people in the world put their heads together to think of a way to thank them for all their love and support, they would miserably fail.

Why Do You Have Sugar Cravings?

Posted by Staff on 3/23/2017 to News

For things that show up so frequently and what often seems like without any reason, sugar cravings can be really annoying. Not only can they result in extra pounds, but they can also strike at the oddest of times making things increasingly difficult for you.

You want Hershey’s in the middle of a meeting.


DIY: Make Your Own Chocolate Gift Basket

Posted by Staff The Candy City on 2/24/2017 to Cool Stuff
DIY: Make Your Own Chocolate Gift Basket

Gift baskets remain the Ultimate Go to Gift Option when you can’t think of anything else. They are the safest, most reliable gift since giving so many things together to a person, significantly increases your chances of getting something liked by the recipient. 

4 Facts about Chocolate that Will Make You Go Whoa

Posted by Staff on 1/24/2017 to News
4 Facts about Chocolate that Will Make You Go Whoa

Chocolates have a lot more to offer than just making you really, really happy. Read on to know what those things are.

Birthday Party Ideas

Posted by The Candy City on 1/7/2017 to Party Ideas
Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties are kind of a big deal. And it is essential that you plan for them at least, a month in advance. Which means spending one hour after another on Pinterest, in search of some inspiration, but why just stick to Pinterest only?

December Releases

Posted by The Candy City on 12/30/2016 to Hot New Products
December Releases
Hot new candies that have come to market.

Know Your Chocolate

Posted by The Candy City on 12/30/2016 to News
Know Your Chocolate
Everything has a beginning and an end. While we dare not think about living in a time where there exists no chocolate, it cannot hurt to know where perhaps the Longest Affair of Our Lives started from......

2016 Best Sellers

Posted by The Candy City on 10/21/2016 to News
2016 Best Sellers
Some of the Best Sellers

Ain’t No Party like a Party with Some Candy

Posted by The Candy City on 10/17/2016 to Party Ideas

Think back to all the boring parties you have been at. What did they all have in common? We are guessing that they forgot to include one major ingredient which guarantees a party’s success:


Good News! Candy is Actually Good for You!

Posted by The Candy City on 8/19/2016 to News
If you have been told ever when you were young how bad candy can be for you, here is some news to make you happy! Candy is actually good for you! Although it must be consumed in moderation, you do not need to wince with guilt every time you pop a delectable candy in your mouth.

We Heart Chocolates

Posted by The Candy City on 5/11/2016 to News
Is there any soul on this planet who doesn’t love chocolates? It is highly doubtful because someone has yet to come forward and say “I Hate chocolates” but that day has not come. For years’ chocolates have been twisted, prodded, mixed and combined with various other ingredients, and no matter what the ingredient is, as long as chocolate is there it is certain to be tantalizing.

Rock Any Party with Pop Rocks

Posted by The Candy City on 4/7/2016 to Party Ideas

Since its launch in the year 1970, Pop Rocks candy has been a delight for adults and children alike. Pop Rocks is a leading brand in the “popping candy world” and it is an original and national brand that is popular among many consumers. 

Creative Ways of Using Different Candies to Garnish Cupcakes This Holiday

Posted by The Candy City on 3/20/2016 to News
It’s no longer a guarded secret that in every birthday party, cupcakes are a delight for everyone. After all, who doesn’t love to munch on these mini sized cakes? Holiday season is just around the corner, which this means treats and surprises for everyone! In an ocean of so many plain cupcakes; add a twist to yours by using different packs of candy as colorful decorations. With The Candy City, your possibilities are endless! You can use so many